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Year Order Date
2022 Fisheries Department ZP Schemes unit cost update 15-06-2022
2022 Karnataka General Services Fisheries Branch (Cadre and Recruitment) rules, 2021 11-01-2022
2021 Regarding handing over of Fishing rights of the water resources and management of fish seed production centers to Shree Nijasharana Ambigarachowdaiah north karnataka inland fisheries development center, Bagalkote to undertake fishing activities at Hidakal and Alamatti reservoir and fish seed production center at Hidkal 08-12-2021
2021 CR maintenance order 27-07-2021
2021 A grant of Rs.2 crore will be provided in the current year for the upgradation of 16 fish seedling production centres in the State 30-06-2021
2021 From 2015-16,the sales tax paid on 1.5 lakh kilolitre of diesel for mechanised boats was being reimbursed. To make this process more people friendly, the diesel will be supplied at diesel delivery point at a tax free rate, from the year 2021-22 16-06-2021
2021 Fish Sales Units and Matsya Darshinis will be established at a cost of Rs.30 crore by Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation to encourage sale of fish and to create awareness on the diverse varieties of fish 13-05-2021
2021 To process the Pangasius Tilapia fish into fillets and frozen products, which has got a huge demand in the international market, a modern processing and value addition centre would be established at the cost of six crore rupees by Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation 12-05-2021
2021 Reappropriate Rs. 8.00 Lakh under the head of account 2405-00-103-0-17 12-03-2021
2021 About the Fishermen Loan waiver 08-01-2021
2019 About the Fishermen Loan waiver 07-01-2020
2019 Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Manndhan 07-12-2019
2019 Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana Central Accredited Fishermen's Accident Insurance Scheme 21-05-2019 21-05-2019
2019 RIDF 24 02-03-2019
2019 Gazette notification of guidelines on PMSYM 07-02-2019
2019 Karnataka Farmer Producer Organization Policy 2018 17-01-2019
2018 Matsyajopasene Scheme 2018-19 05-09-2018
2018 Regarding fisheries activity, zero percent interest rate for up to Rs. 50,000/- from commercial and local rural bank loan 25-08-2108
2018 Revised order on Fish Market construction Date: 07-06-2018 07-06-2018
2018 RIDF 23 08-03-2018
2017 Fisheries Co-opertavie Societies to implement a new unit called Assitance to build Fish Storage and Sales Outlet 2017-18 10-05-2017
2017 Notification on Tilapia Fish Culture Farm Registration 15-02-2017
2016 Establishment of Inland Fisheries Center for Fisheries Development in Northern Karnataka 17-09-2016
2015 Regulation on the Comprehensive Management Policy of Fishing Harbors and Landing Centers 19-06-2015 19-06-2015
2015 Notification on Fish Culture Farm Registration Fee 06-03-2015
2014 Notification on Fish seed stocking in Reservoir 2014-15 06-06-2014
2014 karnataka Land Reforms Amendment Act 1995 11-03-2014
2013 Fresh Water Pearl Culture Farming 25-10-2013
2013 Guidelines for import of Ornamental Fishes to India 06-09-2013
2013 Fisheries Co-operative Society Registration Guidelines 13-08-2013
2011 Assistance for Purchasing of Life-saving equipment 2011-12 21-12-2011
2011 Assistance for construction of Fish Market 2011-12 25-05-2011
2010 Notification on Fish Culture Farm Registration 03-02-2010
2009 Establishment of New "Aqua-Park" Year 2009-10 06-07-2009
2003 Development of Fish Sanctuaries 2003-04 19-09-2003


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